The CRY! Show
Lonnie Lee

the music and story of johnnie ray

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This is the show a generation has been waiting for..

(Where one pretends to BE Johnnie Ray or make every move he makes)

It is one Music Legend paying homage to another Legend.

Where staging allows, audio-visual is featured with remarkable clips
of eras and stars gone by. A show in itself!!

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Review cards are given to the audience which they place in a box after use. They have the option of remaining anonymous or giving their contact details.

From our audiences so far, it seems about 50% had never heard of Johnnie Ray, 20% had maybe heard of him, 25% knew of him and his hits back in the 50's and early 60's and 5% just didn't know whether they did or not.

This makes it even more interesting that the reviews are what the are..

(They have not been embellished, changed or specifically chosen for their positive content)
If you doubt them, then go see the show for yourself.

From the intimate El Rocco Jazz club in Kings Cross Sept 18-19-26-27 2008
Unbelievable! - Fabulous - Just fantastic,
Please more shows here again - Just the best
Would come again - Sensational!

From the 800 seater
Penrith Panthers Evan Theatre Nov 15 2008
He has a fabulous voice - Loved the show
Loved the songs and big band sound - Great voice!
The show as great! - The backups were fantastic
The selection of songs took me right back

See Video of the night

From the 700 seater Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Nov 22 2008
Fantastic Show - Fabulous Show - Thanks for a great night
Great Night - Brought back beautiful memories
Thanks for the memories of an old Johnnie Ray fan and member of his fan club

See Video of the night

From the 650 seater South Sydney Juniors Showroom Nov 28 2008
The most professional al round entertainer in Australia "Eclectic' describes Lonnie
Its how shows should be to-day with lots of feeling & nostalgia
I enjoyed every minute of it - He is the Best.
It was good how he explained the history of Johnnie Ray and all his songs
One of the best - your stamina to sing for so long & the quality was great
A great show - Good to hear the good old Rock and Roll songs
Should be more shows like that - Fantastic Show

See Video of the night - Coming Soon

From the 500 seater Bankstown Sport Club Showroom March 21 2009

Lonnie has re-invented himself yet again!   Loved it all so much, the Johnnie Ray part was so interesting, & so well done,  & the slide show at interval was a great touch too.  
Keep them coming, Lonnie!   -
It was a really lifting up of the spirit, Lonnie's performance very professional and very very interesting - Great to have memories brought back so vividly, so strong - A very enjoyable show - Presentation excellent I enjoyed watching and listening to the whole show, I will go again - Fabulous !
No video taken

From the 500 seater North Sydney Leagues Club Showroom April 4 2009

Good one Lonnie, Johnnie would love to be in the audience!  -  Loved the show!!! - Loved the show last night - Where do you get the energy, and how the heck did you find the Fountain of Youth? - 'Thanks for the memories'- The best show we have seen for years and years without doubt - Please come back again - You were brilliant! - Excellent show !
This show was filmed for DVD - Clips will be here soon.

From the 800 seater Shellhaorbour Workers Club May 24 2009

What a wonderful show!  -  I never knew of Johnnie Ray however I just love the songs and your singing, thank you for introducing me to them - I brought my father to the show and am so glad I came, the show was terrific - WE were married to your song 'I found a new love' in 1961 and this is the first time we have seen your show. It was unbelievable for us.
No video taken