The CRY! Show
Lonnie Lee

the music and story of johnnie ray

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This is the show a generation has been waiting for..

(Where one pretends to BE Johnnie Ray or make every move he makes)

It is one Music Legend paying homage to another Legend.

Where staging allows, audio-visual is featured with remarkable clips
of eras and stars gone by. A show in itself!!

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The exciting show is dedicated to the songs and story of one of the biggest recording and stage stars in the history of modern entertainment... Johnnie Ray.

Lonnie Lee, one of Australia's own Legends of music was one of the many young singers in the mid 1950's who were influenced by Johnnie's music and who went on to become major stars themselves.

Others stars included Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Neil Sedaka, Bono and too many others to list here. Many of them including Lonnie, recorded Johnnie Ray songs on their own albums.

Lonnie has been wanting to present this show for many years but the opportunity has not arisen until now and he is really excited about it.

In 2005, in between his other shows, tours and recordings, he started getting the music charts written for the 26-28 song show and now in 2008, they are being completed.

The songs are presented by Lonnie in his own unique, energetic style, although the definite essence of Johnnie Ray is very evident. As the time is 2008 not 1951, Lonnie's presentation will be more modern and energetic than the original Johnnie Ray who was the most vibrant, exciting star of his time.

Those who are unfamiliar with Johnnie Ray may be surprised to know that he was maybe the first white singer-songwriter superstar. In his time, the singers sang, the songwriters wrote and the publishers were the middle men connecting the two together. Johnnie, as an excellent blues and jazz piano player, wrote many songs including 2 of his biggest.. 'The Little white Cloud that cried' and 'I'll never fall in love'.

In venues were possible, audio-visual images of Johnnie will be shown as well as some of his performances and other social and musical memorabilia.

The music and vocals backings are provided by Lonnie's own band, The Leemen.

The show runs for one hour and the accompanying show..
'The Best of Lonnie Lee' is also one hour.

Lonnie Lee's CRY! Show - Ain't Misbehavin'

Lonnie Lee's CRY! Show - I Believe!

Lonnie Lee's CRY! Show - Whisky & Gin




For those who remember that era, the show will be an instant time machine back to a softer and more gentle time, when girls were romanced and popular music sang about love gained and love lost.

For those young adults looking to experience more than the current popular music offerings, the show will offer a welcome change. It will create the feeling of a more romantic time, and expose some of the the world's most popular songs, even though they may be from a different era.

You will also be taken on a brief, yet revealing story of Johnnie Ray's career and if you are into the history of rock and pop music, you will be surprised to hear just who Johnnie Ray was and what he achieved.


As one of Australia's best popular music singers, Lonnie's versions have the excitement and edge of today. If you like the new albums of Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, Paul Anka and even Michael Buble, you will definitely love this show.

The show runs for one hour and the accompanying show..
'The Best of Lonnie Lee' is also one hour.