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This is the show a generation has been waiting for..

(Where one pretends to BE Johnnie Ray or make every move he makes)

It is one Music Legend paying homage to another Legend.

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Since his first flirtation with a microphone on stage in May 1956 right up to today, he stands unique, youthful and vibrant as ever.

Of all the stars of Australia's original Rock'n'Roll Hit era when the Hit parade was something exciting and new and when Black and White TV was even more 'space age' than how the teenagers of today see Ipods, Lonnie is the only one in Australia still standing with his own band as a 'today' performer.

According to their own stories, he was a major influence to later stars such as Billy Thorpe, Ross Wilson, Angry Anderson, Chain, Russell Morris, Jim Keays and many others and is still today encouraging performers to 'keep at it' and not to give up when all seems hopeless.

He still writes, produces and releases songs which get major radio play across Australia, tours extensively with his own show and receives accolades as a 'today' performer winning performer awards. His peers from around the world respect him as a unique authentic 'rock star'.

He has been inducted into various Hall of Fame organizations and is constantly consulted by radio, TV and press for the 'facts' about the beginnings and growth of the Australian Music Industry. A recent one was the Warner Bros TV doco and DVD shown on ABC TV in November 2008 titled, 'The Wild One' The story of Johnny O'keefe.

He has written and published a series of 'Fact' books about the Australian music industry including.. Six O'Clock Rock - The Facts and 'Johnny O'Keefe - The Facts.

His achievements overseas are well documented and include writing with and for Roy Orbison, being inducted as an Honorary Member of the US House of Representatives for his work in his field, starting and running the first computerized in dependant record promotion company in Nashville and Las Vegas and being a co founding director of the American Society of Country Music in Las Vegas Nevada.

His experiences read like a Who's Who of the world entertainment industry, forming the basis for his own auto biographical book.

Starlite Records currently have on release 23 CDs, 3 DVD's and many other merchandise items on their web site and in many stores and are constantly recording new material either from the Lonnie Lee archives or from his new songwriting collections.


If the above CV isn't taken seriously and then credit given to one of the only Australian performers who we can rightfully call a true 'Music Legend', then the Australia media has been hijacked by biased, tunnel visioned employees who don't know and possibly don't care about the overall entertainment industry.

Virtually every day the press features stories and pictures of people who appear on shows such as Australian Idol and yet they will not give space to performers who are part and parcel of the fabric of Australia's social conscience and history. Performers who still attract many thousands of people to their concerts every year, who buy truckloads of their CD and DVD product.

Yes publicity should be given to these new performers reaching out and trying to grasp on to something that may lead to success, but not at the expense of those before them who have paid their dues and who are still alive and well today giving joy to many who attend their shows.

The Australian entertainment 'turn over' mill is unlike any around the world, virtually only interested in the 'new' performers on mass appeal TV shows or major label acts who have massive publicity resources at their disposal. Then again if booze, drugs, bashings, rapes or other negatives come to play there is a chance the established performers may get their story, but then again, not quite as planned.

His is a 'real' story of interest to anyone who gazes at a TV set, reads a newspaper or magazine or listens to a radio station.

This new CRY! Show is in itself a piece of history. It is the first time in the world the songs of the biggest pop star prior to Elvis, have been compiled into a show. Lonnie's edgy versions have zoomed them into today, even more so as Buble did with Frank Sinatra's songs.

His American peers of equal status such as Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and yes even the early Elvis, are revered by the Australian music industry and press, why not their own?

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